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Our mission is to empower, inspire, and engage mothers through a community supported resource that focuses on wellness and passionate living, valuable content, and community, presented physically and online.

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Founding Members:

Meet Olga Pyshnyak-Lawrence !  

Olga Heashot

Olga and her daughter Maya hiking on Diamond Head in Hawaii.

Olga, the oldest of eight children, born in the Ukraine and relocated to the States when she was nine, knows the meaning of passionate pursuit and dedication to every endeavor that crosses her path. Taking the easy way out has never been her motto. She laughs at challenges and plans to scale every professional mountain that she encounters.

Her career has been filled with an abundant seven-year corporate experience where she dealt with every issue and every department imaginable. Outside of her day job, Olga excelled at leading within the community either through varied volunteer work or committed long-term assignments such as serving on the board or teaching English to senior citizens that have immigrated to the States.

She loves to write and share her extensive thoughts on almost any topic. If she is passionate about something, don’t get her started! She’s not screaming, she’s just excited! 

Olga is a beloved mother of Maya, the apple of her eye, and a trying wife of Chris, God bless his soul. She loves people and enjoys every bit of craziness they have to offer. The crazier, the better. Weirdness and social awkwardness doesn’t scare her.

She is a writer and an aspiring motivational speaker.  Olga’s obsession with wellness and authentic living, community empowerment and love of family, have driven her to pursue one of her unique dreams and projects, the Maternal Movement, through which she believes every mother can become a Motivated Mama, surrounded by an encouraging community that inspires her to lead a fulfilling and a more balanced, passionate life.


Meet our Content Creators:

Meet Tatyana!

Meet Tatyana

Tatyana Pyshnyak from VoiceInteriors.com

As an entrepreneur and Founder of Voice Interiors, an interior decorating and home staging consulting business, Tatyana Pyshnyak has distinguished herself with a flair for the innovative. Modernizing the interior styling industry with the roll-out of her e-consulting services, Tatyana provides clients with the option to eliminate the need for on-site visits. One of her goals is to help her clients create the ultimate dream home…one that is family-friendly and organized, as well as stylish!

Not only does Tatyana enjoy interior design and décor, she also specializes in home staging and preparing homes for sale. Using her realtor background to further shed light on what buyers are looking for, Tatyana helps her clients achieve that higher sale price. In this day and age, a well put-together space goes a long way in impressing buyers and making showings much more successful.

For more detailed information on the services Tatyana provides, visit her website: www.voiceinteriors.com