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An Everyday Mama Finds a Passionate Life

Living with passion is not just for the select few. You were created to pursue your dreams, share your talents, and express the authenticity of who you are. This is a true story about an everyday mama who finds a passionate life. It is a story of her triumphs and challenges, setups, and setbacks. A story of hope, determination, and happiness. Follow her journey as she embarks to discover the best of her life. Learn what it takes to live on a level designed for you by God. This book is for the mama who is not afraid to want more out of life, who wants to leave a legacy of influence, joy, and inspiration to her children and the rest of her family. Price reflects $2.00 shipping and handling.


Out of the Wilderness; My Journey to The Land Called Heaven Book 1 (series)

Hopeless is a true leader in her heart. Some know it. Others don’t accept it. The God Almighty knows it. She will find it out, soon enough. She will be appreciated by anyone, young or old, who wanted or still wants to be all that they were created to be, no matter the cost, no matter the opposition nor the disbelief of the ones that are closest to you. This story is for the whole family. A prophetic metaphor for our Christian walk, as we go from glory to glory, slaying our monsters and giants, and stepping into our God-given Promise Land. ~~~ Follow Hopeless as she embarks on a journey that will last a lifetime! In this first book, we encounter a young lady who doesn’t allow her circumstances to define her, as she continues to believe that she is meant for greatness, no matter the odds. It isn’t an easy journey, but with the help of her amazing friends, both real and supernatural, she is able to transcend the ordinary and the expected, to find herself in the land where she is tested and is positioned to lead a crowd of people. She must follow the Light and the Wind as they invite her on this special journey. Helper, Joy, Mirth and Compassion are at her side, ready to answer her many questions. Faith and Strength are her most loyal battle companions. The Prophet has a lot to teach her about running her race and staying in her lane, but Hopeless is up for it! She encounters her greatest ally in her Secret Place, Jesus Christ, and the promises of God keep sustaining her. To take hold of the land and the promises, as the true Commander of her army, she goes through many challenges in the wilderness, the desert and the mountain, as she fights all sorts of monsters, ending up in the Land of False Humility. The people there are grey, living a very marginal life. She must fight the Giant False Humility, the master of that town, to set the captives free and release them into a more colorful and abundant life! Price reflects $2.00 shipping and handling.


Living An Empowered Life Personally And Professionally

A collection of notes that will change your life. Do you want to laugh and smile with joy and be free to be happy? To live with the truth and abandon to being yourself? To believe and to be curious? Do you want to be just like a kid again? Liberation. Creation. Spontaneity. What a lovely recipe for something new. Something new that feels just right for YOU. Follow your destiny. Write, dance, create. You don’t have to do anything well, just do it because you like it. With this freedom of expression, you will discover something you are so passionate about, so rightfully yours, that it moves you to a place where dreams can come true. If you want to take your life to the next level, live with passion in everything you do, be it personally or professionally, this book is for you. You will: learn what passionate living means to you, discover the secret of happiness, be excited to wake up in the morning, be encouraged to become focus driven, to cultivate the spirit of excellence, and to take your dreams seriously, be inspired to become what you were meant to be and to see the creative genius within you, and so much more! At the very least, I hope you will become an audacious speaker because what you have inside of you must be shared with the world. You are someone very special. You are part of the solution to every problem. The world cannot be denied you any longer. Price reflects $2.00 shipping and handling.