Living in Passion LIFE COACHING

Living in passion, following your dreams and achieving goals is your birthright. We are meant to thrive on this planet, instead, most of us tend to be striving.

What is the disconnect? Who is ultimately responsible for living the life that you want? It is YOU, my friend.

You’ve got all that it takes within you, I am just a facilitator that loves life and people.

My mission is to inspire, empower and engage you within your own life, so that you may walk out your purpose and reach your destiny! 

We will connect via phone, Skype or in person.

We provide general life coaching services, although we specialize in Christian Life Coaching and working with Moms who want to live passionate and fulfilling lives.


Motivated Mama Life Coaching – 30 min

This is a fantastic opportunity for the busy moms to get in for a quick, affordable session, and get out motivated and excited about life! These sessions may only be half an hour but consider them like power shots-life coaching intensives! Every motivated mama deserves one or two or three! Gift vouchers are also available.



Life Coaching-Initial Assessment

First session, initial assessment, plan of action 1 hr.



Life Coaching, sessions following the Initial Assessment

This is where it really gets sweet! YUM! Life is so full of adventure, let's take delight in who we are and what we've got, and kick it up a notch! 1 hr.